Managed Security Solutions

Managed Security Solutions

Web security today has never been more important. Most people think an attack will never happen to them—until it does. With the increasing spread of malware, the complexity of attacks, and the escalating costs of protecting your systems against them, it’s important to get ahead of these attacks.

From ransomware to DDoS, Canadian Web Hosting offers a variety of packages to help you protect your website and data. Our comprehensive packages for VPS and Dedicated Servers minimizes your exposure to common threats, identify and assess your system and application vulnerabilities, and provide 24/7 monitoring, management, and response.


  • Website Audit
  • Anti-Virus Protection
  • Point-in-time Snapshots
  • Network Security Scans
  • Software Firewall
  • Server Monitoring
  • SSAE16 Type II environment
  • Total Cost:
  • $75/M


  • Total Cost:
  • $135/M


  • Total Cost:
  • $200/M

Leading Security Technology. Real-World Experience.

When you choose to partner with Canadian Web Hosting, you get best-in-class security technology, proven leaders in the hosting industry and years of real world experience that ensures you get the most comprehensive security offering on the marketing today.

We’re flexible. Whether you want security protection to cover your web application, or on the network level, or “in the cloud,” we’ve got you covered.

We’re comprehensive. Start with a basic firewall. Add anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-virus protection. Move to complete security coverage that includes threat management, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation, and log management. Whatever your needs, we have the security services to address them.

We’re cost-effective. Security technologies are expensive to invest in, and constantly changing. As many of our clients know, just keeping your equipment and software current can make a significant impact on your IT operations and budget. Add maintaining a dedicated team, and it’s easy to see why reducing your costs by up to 60% and working with industry leader like Canadian Web Hosting makes even more sense. Ask our team for a quote and take the next step to protecting your business.

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Looking for DDOS protection?

Check out our DDOS Protection package

Security Services Overview


Our firewall solutions fit every need and every budget. Whether it is a high-capacity cloud-based firewall, a virtual firewall or dedicated firewall that uses industry leading technologies, our solutions provide a critical layer of protection to keep you data safe.

Intrusion Detection

With our Intrusion Prevention Service, our teams get alerted immediately when a critical threat that might have a significant impact on your infrastructure appears including deterring malicious traffic before it hits your servers.

Log Management

With Log Management, you get an enterprise-class solution that can cost effectively help you meet your compliance requirements, as well as benefit from a service that is able to securely collect logs from a variety of security and network devices, OS and applications. More importantly, you can setup alerts for any pre-defined criteria for your business.

Email Protection

With email and web protection, our goal is provide advanced security without slowing down your business or email. We quickly identify and stop junk-mail, keep harmful emails from clogging your internal systems, scan all inbound and outbound emails, can configure rule-based email filtering, and benefit from real-time scanning against spyware, viruses and malware.

Network-Based DDoS Mitigation

With DDoS Mitigation, it is our goal to diminish the impact of any DDoS attacks. We minimize any potential network downtime, provide protection and reroute potential attack traffic, avoid costly bandwidth spikes and most importantly help facilitate business continuity to keep your servers online.

Vulnerability Testing

Canadian Web Hosting uses advanced web vulnerability scanning techniques to test your website for vulnerabilities such as vulnerabilities in web server technologies, inappropriate HTTP methods are being used, script errors, web form and login strength, network service vulnerabilities and many others.

VPN for Secure Access

Our secure VPN lets you control your servers remotely through a secure access point by leveraging a encrypted tunnel that works with virtually any platform including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Leveraging cloud-based scanners, you’ll get deep scanning that detects intrusive malware, protects you from getting blacklisted, finds security vulnerabilities and help to protect your business revenue and stream.

Web Protection

Leveraging cloud and hardware scanners, we thoroughly test your site for any potential vulnerabilities including code, application vulnerabilities and any other potential issues that may open your site to malicious activities.