Get real-time Canadian Disaster Recovery for your cloud servers with a single click and start protecting your data today!

Multiple locations in Canada

Real-time replication

Managed monitoring and alerts

One Click Configuration

Automated protection and replication

Remote health monitoring

Plan nameCore(s)RAMDisk spaceTrafficDedicated IP’sHADisaster RecoveryPrice/month 
Level 111 GB20 GB5 TB1YesIncluded$15Order now
Level 212 GB30 GB5 TB1YesIncluded$25Order now
Level 324 GB48 GB5 TB2YesIncluded$50Order now
Level 448 GB96 GB5 TB2YesIncluded$100Order now
Level 5612 GB192 GB5 TB2YesIncluded$200Order now
Plan nameCore(s)RAMDisk spaceTrafficDedicated IP’sHADisaster RecoveryPrice/month 
High Volume 1816 GB160 GB10 TB2YesIncluded$280Order now
High Volume 21232 GB320 GB10 TB2YesIncluded$560Order now
High Volume 31648 GB480 GB10 TB2YesIncluded$840Order now
High Volume 42064 GB640 GB10 TB2YesIncluded$1120Order now

How does disaster recovery for your cloud work?

Upon signup, VPS SAFE® will automatically enable disaster recovery on your VPS to place your backup cloud servers in another geographical location. With VPS SAFE®, we replicate your cloud servers from Vancouver, BC to a distant location like Toronto, ON, or vice versa, for greater protection against local outages.

Canadian Web Hosting’s VPS SAFE® leverages Veeam’s replication technology and uses a highly available environment with high-speed recovery and data-loss avoidance to ensure guaranteed recovery of files, applications, and VMs providing our team with full visibility for proactive monitoring and alerts to identify issues before they become service-impacting.

With Canadian Web Hosting’s VPS SAFE®, you get backup and recovery capabilities to ensure you have an “always on enterprise” and meet SLAs for your recover time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Get rapid recovery of entire VMs, files, and applications by getting VPS SAFE® today!

Real-Time Replication

Once you turn on Disaster Recovery for your cloud server, that server is replicated to your designated remote DR site and will remain in continuous sync while Disaster Recovery is enabled for that server. In addition, our DR services can meet the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements minimizing any potential data loss without the need for slow or expensive hardware systems.

Our goal is to deliver standard Recovery Point Objectives under 15 minutes to ensure minimal data loss, as well as standard Recovery Time Objectives under 5 minutes to ensure your business and data are protected.

* Our standard RTPO is <15 minutes. Canadian Web Hosting’s platform can support real-time mirroring between data centers.

Features and Benefits

Automatic monitoring & alerts

We monitor uptime for each cloud server that has disaster recovery enabled. Detected problems are automatically flagged and an alert is generated. At that time, failover will be initiated.

Easy to use

You can monitor replication and restore progress in real time, drill down into your specific cloud servers, or trigger failover and failback in a couple of clicks.

Fully secure

Our Disaster Recovery system uses public and private key authorization. We will fully encrypt all of your data, including what's at rest and in transit.

Managed or self-managed
Disaster Recovery

You can quickly activate DRaaS for your cloud servers and manage the failover and restore process through the Canadian Cloud Hosting control panel.

Real-time restore

Once an outage has been fixed and failback/restore is triggered, we automatically restore your cloud server or create a new virtual server in the original cloud. Live data is replicated from the DR site back to the source in real time. After confirmation that the new server is running, it resumes replication from the source back to the DR site.

Low Cost

Avoid costly infrastructure and software needed to have a secondary or tertiary disaster recovery site and pay for only what you need. A cloud-based approach is the most efficient and economical way to protect your data.