Virtual Private Servers

Enterprise-grade Canadian servers built around your requirements.

  • Starts at
  • $5/mo
PlanMemoryProcessorStorageIP AddressesBandwidthPrice
VPS1512 MB1 Core20 GB11 TB$5mo
VPS21 GB1 Core30 GB12 TB$10mo
VPS32 GB2 Core40 GB13 TB$20mo
VPS44 GB2 Core60 GB24 TB$40mo
VPS58 GB4 Core80 GB25 TB$80mo
PlanMemoryProcessorStorageIP AddressesBandwidthPrice
PSS116 GB8 Core160 GB26 TB$160mo
PSS232 GB12 Core320 GB27 TB$320mo
PSS348 GB16 Core480 GB28 TB$480mo
PSS464 GB20 Core640 GB29 TB$640mo

Virtual Private Servers

Our VPS hosting plans deliver a 100% virtual solution for customers who are looking for more power and the flexibility of the cloud without the cost. Each of our plans include the industry's leading virtualization software built on top of our CA Cloud infrastructure offering real-time high availability and automatic failover to keep you online.

Each server includes:

  • Flexible and Improved Deployment
  • Full Root Access
  • Choice of Operating System (Windows licensing fee not included)
  • High Availability eliminates unplanned downtime
  • Fully Redundant Server Cluster
  • Gigabit Network Connectivity
  • Optional Control Panels
  • Geographic Distribution

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1 vCPU$6.00 / month
1GB RAM$10.00 / month
10GB SSD Storage$5.00 / month
Tier 1 Managed Support$20.00 / month
Tier 2 Managed Support$100.00 / month
Multi-Server$400.00 / month
Linux (various distributions except RedHat)Free
Windows 2012 Standard Edition (1 CPU)$25.00/ month
Windows 2012 Data Center Edition (1 CPU)$125.00 / month
Windows 2008 Web Edition$19.95 / month
Windows 2008 Standard Edition$39.95 / month
Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition$69.95 / month
Windows 2008 Data Center Edition$99.95 / month
MS SQL 2012/2014 Web Edition$20.00 / month (2 core license)
MS SQL 2012/2014 Standard Edition$200.00 / month (2 core license)
MS SQL 2012/2014 Enterprise Edition$750.00 / month (2 core license)
MS SQL 2008 Web Edition$39.95 / month
MS SQL 2008 Workgroup Edition$79.95 / month
MS SQL 2008 Standard Edition$349.95 / month
MS SQL 2008 Enterprise Edition$1249.95 / month
cPanel/WHM Control Panel$15.00 / month
Softaculous for cPanel$5.00 / month
Additional IP Address$10.00 per IP / month
Enterprise Hosted Email$3.00 / month
Web Application Firewall$15.00 / month
Sucuri Malware Monitoring & Removal$89.00 / annually