DDoS Protected Servers

Canadian DDoS Mitigation Services

Canadian Web Hosting’s DDoS Mitigation Service is a unique DDoS hardware-based program that ensures your server stays online in the event of a DDoS attack. With features like network-wide packet scanning through granular traffic analysis right down to server-level anomaly detection, with DDoS Mitigation you can remove and filter hostile traffic from your sites. We achieve this by offloading all DDoS processing from your server Canadian Web Hosting infrastructure allowing you to continue to do business.

DDoS Protection and Mitigation

  • Enterprise-Grade Protection
  • Robust Intrusion Detection System
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Transparent Solution
  • Avoid Attacks and Proactive Protection
  • Non-intrusive with no upgrades required
  • Fully Managed
  • $100.00/M
  • (Call Us at  1.888.821.7888 )

Key Features

  • Our wholly-owned network and hundreds of peering relationships ensure mitigation
  • Receive complete and regular traffic reports with clean and dirty traffic graphs
  • Streamlined provisioning process as our support engineers work with you to implement the solution and make it worry free
  • Handles up to 4,000 mbps of total traffic (upgradeable)
  • Handles up to 2 million packets per second (upgradeable)
  • No additional charge for traffic mitigated with the DDoS Protection

How It Works

Canadian Web Hosting’s DDoS Mitigation Service includes three layers of protection to keep you site online during a DDoS attack.

Network-Level Traffic Monitoring

Included with every server, we monitor all traffic entering our network throughout using several key technologies including our Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention/Detection systems that examine each and every incoming packet for signs of malicious activity. Meanwhile, we perform granular traffic analysis of source and destination IP addresses, protocol information, flow information, and traffic volume. Based on that information, our Network Operations Center (NOC) routes traffic for best performance and to provide information on the attack including type, source, protocol, and duration.

Attack Detection

Once enrolled into the DDoS Mitigation Service, we immediately begin searching for anomalies specific to your server. First, we are able to measure this by analyzing your server's daily traffic patterns to learn what your "normal" network behavior is and then combining the results with port usage information to create a snapshot of your server's usual traffic. Once done, the DDoS Mitigation Service monitors the traffic on your server, constantly comparing it to this profile and looking for behavior or traffic that is out of the ordinary. If we detect an attack, the malicious traffic is immediately filtered and blocked.

Traffic Filtering & Re-Routing

When malicious activity is detected, our service takes effect immediately by routing suspicious traffic away from your server, we achieve this by using several DDoS detection methods to filter out and divert malicious traffic from your server. All legitimate traffic is then forwarded to your destination servers and you are able to continue serving your customers during the ongoing DDoS attack.