Object Storage

Canadian Web Hosting’s Object Storage is a triple-replicated, scalable storage solution that is scale-engineered and highly durable using clusters of enterprise storage hardware available in Toronto or Vancouver. Object Storage has been designed to scale to store many tens of petabytes of data, making it well suited to handle virtual machine images, photo storage, email storage and backup archiving inexpensively, through data replication and distribution across commodity hard drives.

  • Access secure, scalable, and reliable online storage
  • Add incremental storage on demand, instantly
  • Full redundancy for data durability
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity

High Availability

Using Object Storage means your data is protected and durable. The data is written multiple times with at least 3 copies, and our storage clusters are highly available and configured with auto-healing capabilities to protect you against any type of failure. And because your data is hosted in our Canadian data centers, you can rest assured that it meets Canadian data requirements and is physically secure.

Manage, Move and Modify Your Data

Use our open Object Storage APIs to integrate your cloud storage directly into your local or hosted systems and applications. You also have the ability to make use of your Object Storage as an SFTP endpoint to seamlessly upload data. When you need to find specific objects in your storage, you can seamlessly search for tags, download it or load it from a URL—even unstructured data—and replicate or back it up.