Dedicated Backup Servers

Some applications dictate a more flexible, customized approach to data protection and restoration. For customers requiring a larger volume including options for several servers, larger amounts of storage, or data isolated from other users or more control over the administration of backup processes, Canadian Web Hosting offers dedicated backup server storage that provides complete control over backup schedules and retention policies, and gives you access control and Web-based file or machine restore.

More importantly, your data is completely isolated from other users on the network and with 256 bit AES encryption you can be assured that your data is safe. If needed, you can even install multiple backup agents on your server to support different backup requirements.

Backups include a complete snapshot of:

  • All saved application data
  • Content data
  • Configuration files
  • Data files
  • Registry files libraries
  • Managed Backup (per server)
3 TB Storage
$115 / mo
Additional 500 GB Drive
$25 / mo
RAID 1 (mirror)
$10 / mo
Optional Web UI
Database Backup (MySQL, MS SQL)
Optional off-site configuration (Toronto/Vancouver)
Upon Request