Green Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting is a 100% hydro-powered web hosting provider with data centers that offer highly scalable, green hosting solutions including highly efficient Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and Virtual Servers that utilize the latest technologies, business processes and infrastructure to create a positive energy footprint on our communities and across Canada. Just look for the “Green Leaf” and know that you are getting the latest and most efficient technologies on the market.



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Green Hosting

It’s what we do! As a member of the Green Business Bureau, Canadian Web Hosting has instituted policies focused on reduction of waste, improved efficiencies and a combination of green-focused technologies corporate-wide. Whether it is dedicated servers, or cloud hosting, we understand the potential environment effect of our industry and business may be significant for us today and for generations to come. More importantly, many of our clients have corporate Green IT policies and we are confident that our Green Hosting will meet or exceed those requirements. We are moving towards environmentally sound data center usage and operational excellent through our adoption of Six Sigma, as well as the use of highly efficient virtualized and cloud environments that benefit from the concept of “Green IT.”

Our secure and high-availability facilities operate at approximately 60% lower energy utilization per square foot than comparable providers in our industry. It is our goal to help our customers achieve great levels of efficiency including energy efficiency through a combination of the latest dedicated server technology including low-voltage Xeon processors, low-flow fan technology, and high efficiency power supplies and data centers that utilize the latest HVAC, cooling and power delivery systems utilizing 100% renewable energy. For Canadian Web Hosting, this is just a first step in our commitment to a more environmentally sustainable future for everyone.

Cloud Servers

Canadian Cloud Hosting allows customers to reduce IT capital costs, reduce labor costs and enhance productivity. Moreover, industry analysis continues to show that cloud hosting is remarkably efficient. A typical organization, or company, that migrates their IT infrastructure and Web Hosting to Canadian Web Hosting typically improves energy usage by more than 68% for its computing requirements. When you combine this with the ease and usability of shared cloud hosting you get a solution that perfectly matches users who may not have the expertise to manage their own serve and allows them to utilize the cloud to further their own Green IT initiatives.

For customers looking for dedicated resources and/or enterprise level solutions to add-to, or migrate, their existing infrastructure. You can utilize either VMware or Hyper-V virtualization with fully redundant infrastructure giving you an enterprise grade solutions with a click of the mouse. Whether it is Fault Tolerance, the need for automatic scaling, or the ability to deploy multiple virtual machines to support your software solution, Canadian Cloud Hosting delivers a full spectrum of services that allow you to meet a simple website for a client, or enterprise grade infrastructure for a Fortune 500 company.

Dedicated Servers

Energy efficiency is a fundamental design criterion for all of our servers. With the introduction of Energy Smart servers, every Supermicro and Dell server we use has a significantly reduced server power draw and the resulting system heat. All of our servers use the latest generation of Intel E3 and E5 processors that have been designed to increase performance per watt. This new green IT offering provides additional gains in both power efficiency as well as performance per watt, helping our customers to maximize server resources including 16% higher energy efficiency than when compared to competing products. Whether it is budget server or fully managed enterprise dedicated server, our 100% Canadian dedicated servers deliver the best performance in the market.

Green Data Centres

Realizing a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) between 1.3 and 1.4, our Toronto Data center location is focused on lessening our impact on the power grid. There is independence from local water systems and delivers a redundant make-up water supply. The chiller plant has been optimized with heat exchangers to enable the isolation of the chillers in cooler months. This provides the ability to reject the heat load on the chilled water loop through our heat exchangers tied to our condenser side water loop, all utilizing the outdoor air temperature and maintaining our green initiative. Moreover, a white-membrane roof reflects heat away from the facility to also lessen energy consumption for facility cooling.

Passion for Sustainability

Canadian Web Hosting is one of respected web hosting companies in Canada. Operating since the early 90’s, Canadian web Hosting has continued to adopt business practices and focuses significant energy on improving every facet of its business to find ways to help improve the environment around us. Whether it is a no paper policy, working with partners who have green certifications, or telecommuting, each aspect of the business follows common-sense best practices. We recognize that the technology we use allows us to have an entirely paper-free office avoiding common paper waste and eliminating the need for paper mail. In addition, telecommuting continues to have a significant impact on our carbon footprint as well as enabling all of its employees to utilize public transport. To help achieve our goal of becoming a leader in the Green IT movement, we have adopted and analyzed aspects of our business operations using Six Sigma analysis, which in turn allows us to not only improve our green business practices, but adopt the voice of the customer.