CloudStream™ Backbone Network

Our 100% Canadian Backbone Network

The CloudStream™ Canadian network backbone utilizes multiple backbone connections that run parallel across Canada between Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON. Direct fiber connections make up this dedicated backbone network that offers larger and more robust connectivity with true low latency and jitter-free connections for improve network reliability.

Customers can maximize performance and network scalability by utilizing up to full gigabit ethernet connections for every server and device. In addition, the Canadian network backbone is designed to handle and move massive amounts of data for current and future services like cloud hosting, IoT, video, enterprise apps and virtual reality (VR) apps.

Features and Benefits

Canadian Web Hosting built the CloudStream™ Backbone Network so that our customers can get the best performance and reliability and receive standard benefits that are unavailable on shared networks.

Fast and Reliable Speed

With multiple, dedicated network links running across Canada, Canadian Web Hosting data paths are as uncluttered, fast and secure as possible.

Network Peering

We are connected to the major network partners and multiple Tier 1 upstream providers so even if your data leaves our network, you will continue to have premium speed and performance.

Optimized Routing

Canadian Web Hosting's network and our Network Operations Center (NOC) experts are continually working to identify potential network issues, move your traffic down paths of least resistance, and to help mitigate the effects of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Proprietary Domain Name System (DNS)

Our network backbone also includes our AnyCast DNS service to help speed up your business traffic and easily move the traffic when necessary.

MPLS, Direct Connect and IPv6 Ready

Our network continually evolves to deliver the best for today's business needs. We are MPLS, IPv6 and Direct Connect ready.