Get access to enterprise-class storage technology.

With Canadian Cloud Hosting, you have access to enterprise-class storage technology with different levels of performance and pricing. By integrating OpenStack into our existing cloud storage capabilities, customers now have access and support for both Object Storage and Block Storage, with varying deployment options.

Block Storage

Block Storage exposes and connects block devices to your compute instances for increased storage and integration with your existing platform.

Who is Block Storage ideal for?

Block storage is appropriate if you want to provide a server with access to raw block level storage or if you have performance-sensitive requirements, including database storage and expandable file systems.

What You’ll Get:

  • A storage system that manages the creation, attaching, and detaching of the block devices to the server
  • Access to a unified storage platform that supports the leading storage platforms like Zadara, Ceph, NetApp, and SolidFire
  • Access to the Snapshot management tool that provides powerful functionality for backing up data stored on block storage volumes

Object Storage

Object Storage is not a traditional file system, but rather a distributed storage system for static data, such as virtual machine images, photo storage, email storage, backups, and archives. Because of the unique architecture, Object Storage is not centralized and provides greater scalability, redundancy, and durability.

Who is Object Storage ideal for?

Object Storage is ideal for scalable storage needs with an API-accessible platform that can easily be integrated into your application for data retention. Your data is never affected by a server or drive failure because the Canadian OpenStack Hosting storage replicates its content from other active nodes to new locations in the clusters.

What You’ll Get:

  • Redundant, scalable Object Storage that uses clusters of standardized servers capable of storing massive amounts of data
  • When your storage needs occur, your objects and files are written to multiple disk drives spread throughout the server’s clusters with the platform being responsible for ensuring data replication and integrity.

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